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Since 2016, moimmo has shown that there is also an alternative to the "traditional French broker". Your wishes are central to moimmo. Your desire to buy or sell your home the way you want it. Moimmo listens to you and involves you in the purchase or sale process. In this way you always remain in control. Moimmo advises, but you decide! Together we form the best team!


Moimmo is a certified real estate agent (Carte Professionelle No. CPI 1501 2020 000 000 005) and is allowed to work throughout France. We are fluent in Dutch, French and English and have extensive experience in real estate and contracting. Our team is skilled, enthusiastic and always proactive.


Moimmo not only uses its own well-visited website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) but for an even wider range we work together with brokers all over France. We are also very active on well-known home sites such as Green Acres, Leboncoin, House and Offer. That increases your success even more.


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