moimmo cookie policy

moimmo can use cookies on its websites. With this cookie policy we provide an overview of the various cookies that moimmo can use.

Functional cookies
moimmo uses cookies that are essential for the functionality of the website and apps, such as cookies for registering or consenting to cookies and remembering your language preference.

Analytical cookies
moimmo makes use of analytical cookies, such as the Google Analytics cookies, to understand how the website is used, with the aim of gathering knowledge about the interests of visitors and to improve the website again and make it more user-friendly . For example, it records how long visitors stay on a particular page, how often a page or part of a page is clicked, or whether a particular link does not function properly.

moimmo has signed a processor agreement with Google for the use of Google Analytics. This agreement ensures that the cookies of Google Analytics are set in the most privacy friendly way.

Information cookies
Cookies can also be used to test the effectiveness of information, so that we can show the best and most relevant way information.

In order to be able to adapt the information on our websites to your interests as much as possible, moimmo can also use so-called advertising and retargeting cookies. By using these cookies, based on your visit to our websites, we try to get a picture of your probable interests, without creating a profile that can be traced back to you. Based on these interests, we can show you relevant information. If you do not give permission for the use of advertising or retargeting cookies you will see other, possibly less relevant information.

Social media cookies
moimmo can use social plug-ins to give visitors the opportunity to share information with friends via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This plug-in is subject to the privacy policy of Facebook and Twitter, which you can find on their website.

Setting preferences
If you choose not to consent to the use of cookies or delete the cookies, this may reduce the quality of the websites and apps.

You can adjust your cookie preferences and delete cookies via your browser settings.

All information collected on with cookies is anonymised as much as possible.

For more information, see the privacy policy of moimmo.